June collection (June, Junior, Jay)

lounge furniture composed of chair, pouf and tables

design: Dunja Weber

manufacturer: Maxdesign

photography: Miro Zagnoli

“June” is a lounge chair which invites to informal and leisurely seating. Even though it is upholstered its lines stay clean and crisp giving it a fresh and friendly look. The “elbow-rest” as an extension of the backrest gives it extra comfort and character . “June” is made out of an upholstered one-shot foam-shell and two powdercoated steel bands which make a sledge structure. It is my interpretation of a chair for those moments when you have all the time in the world.

The family of the lounge chair “June” has been enlarged by a pouf and coffeetables. The pouf can either be used as a footrest in combination with June for supreme relax or as a seat in its own right – mind you without backrest. The coffeetable comes in four dimensions and its leg structure repeats the powdercoated steel bands of June. The tabletops are in lacquered MDF.