design: Dunja Weber

collection of unique plates, hand-blown in Murano, Italy

photography: Ezio Manciucca

Transparencies, reflections, colour fadings …

… STILL WATERS is a celebration of hand-blown Murano glass and the art of its artisans. The large plates start off as a blown sphere which by centrifugal force and the phantastic skills of the glassblower magically opens up like a flower and creates a perfect circle. 

This circle, the most essential of geometric shapes, simple almost banal one might say takes on life through the subtle unevenness of the naturally soft edge, the gradual fadings from one colour to another, the reflections of light through the coloured transparencies as well as the coloured shadows it throws on the surface. In fact it is precisely the simplicity of the physical shape that brings to full expression the subtleties and beauty of the material itself and the more intangible (metaphysical) qualities of the transparent glass.

The collection consists of a series of unique hand-blown plates with diameters ranging from Ø45cm to Ø60cm. Each plate is blown with 2 transparent colours. The colourways range from dark to light indigo, greys and greens, a colour range inspired by the colours of water.  All plates were blown in march 2013 in Murano, Italy. Each piece is signed by the designer.

The collection will first be presented at the Galerie Lucien Schweitzer in Luxembourg.